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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: Exit window

The Exit window appears when you choose to leave Garden with Insight by choosing Exit from the File menu or by closing the garden window.

The exit window

On the exit window is a list of check boxes showing the files you have been using: the garden file, the groups file, the templates file, and the tools file (see Files and directories for more information on file types). If the program thinks you may have changed one of the files in the list, it has checked the check box for that file.

Actually, the program uses somewhat crude methods of determining whether you changed anything in these files, so it may think you need to save a file when you did not in fact change anything in that file. In fact, the program does not even try to track changes to the garden file, since there can be so many; it always assumes you have changed the garden file.

As an example, say you started the program, opened a garden file, and changed the arrangement of aspects in a group using the browser. When you left the program, the garden file and groups file check boxes in the exit window would be checked.

To save the checked files and exit the program, click Exit and save. To exit the program without saving any files, click Exit and don't save. If you want to save a different set of files than the ones already checked, change the check box settings, then click Exit and save. If you decided not to leave the program after all, click Cancel, don't save.

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