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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: Browser

The browser is a tool for examining objects in the simulation in detail.

The browser window showing both sides with a tomato seedling selected

You can examine the garden, the weather, soil patches and plants in the browser. You can also use the browser to edit climate, soil type, cultivar, and soil amendment templates. All of these are called objects. To choose a different object, click on the top box in the browser and choose another object from the list that appears. Notice that the title bar of the browser (at the very top) shows you the name of the object you are looking at right now.

List of objects

You can select different objects within the browser by choosing them from the drop-down list box at the top of the browser. The first item on the list is the weather object, of which you can only have one. After the weather object are soil patches, prefixed with an abbreviation of "s" and a unique number. Within each soil patch are one or more plants (assuming you planted some), each prefixed with a "p" plus a unique number. After the last plant or soil patch on the list is a list of all the templates you have available, each labeled with a "T" before their name. Templates are like stencils (or cookie cutters) -- you make copies of them when you create a soil patch or plant a seed.

Numbers and pictures sides

The browser has two sides. The numbers side shows you the numbers in the simulation very simply, as numbers with units and as distances along lines. The pictures side shows the same information, but arranged in ways that are more visual and easier to understand. The first three buttons on the browser, in the upper left-hand side, control which sides of the browser you see.

gif/00000020.gif or Show--Numbers side: Shows only the numbers side of the browser.
gif/00000021.gif or Show--Both sides: Shows both sides of the browser.
gif/00000019.gif or Show--Pictures side: Shows only the pictures side of the browser.

You can also change the relative sizes of the numbers and pictures sides of the browser by clicking on the green splitter bar in the middle of the browser and dragging it to the right or left.

Buttons at top

The other buttons along the top of the browser operate on the object you have chosen or on general browser options.

gif/00000039.gif or Aspect--Graph: Adds the currently selected aspect (on the browser's numbers side) to the graph window. If no aspect is currently selected, it will bring up the graph window without adding any aspects.

gif/00000119.gif or Object--Make template: Copies the current weather, soil patch, or plant to create a new template, or makes a copy of the current template.

gif/00000097.gif or Object--Delete: Deletes the object currently selected in the browser. You cannot delete the garden or weather objects. Deleting an object this way can be undone using the garden window menu.

gif/00000030.gif or Object--Notes: Brings up the notes editor on the current object. You can also rename the object in the notes editor.

gif/00000143.gif or Show--Change font: Changes the font on the numbers side of the browser.

gif/00000071.gif or Show--Help: Brings up the help system with information about all the groups and aspects.

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