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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: groups

Groups are sets of related aspects that you use to hide some of the simulation's over 800 aspects to make sense of it all. For example, the group Weather today contains aspects that describe today's day length, minimum temperature, maximum temperature, mean temperature, mean wind speed, radiation, rainfall, relative humidity, and wind direction. And the group Plant state describes whether the plant is alive, what life history stage it is in (seed, vegetative, reproductive, etc.), whether it is dormant, and whether it is supported.

You can use groups to remember which aspects depend on each other (e.g., soil and air temperature). You can use groups to keep items together that you often graph together, such as the types of plant biomass (root, shoot, fruit).

A group can include information from more than one type of object type (garden, weather, soil patch, plant). The browser shows aspects from multiple object types with these rules:

If the garden is selected, only garden aspects (g) are active.
If the weather is selected, garden (g) and weather (w) aspects are active.
If a soil patch is selected, garden (g), weather (w), and soil patch (s) aspects are active.
If a plant is selected, garden (g), weather (w), soil patch (s), and plant (p) aspects are active. In this case the soil patch selected will be the soil patch in which the plant is found.

You choose groups in the browser and create and edit groups in the group editor.

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