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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: How to make a seedling cultivar

There are two types of seedling cultivar.


The simple seedling cultivar makes a seedling when you plant it because it has a parameter for how many days to grow optimally at the time of planting. For example, when you plant a seed of a tomato simple seedling cultivar, the new plant may grow outside the normal simulation for a few weeks instantly.

To make a simple seedling cultivar, just change the parameter aspect for optimal growth at planting in either a living plant or a cultivar. The parameter can probably be found in the Plant params development group. Then make a template out of the plant you have changed (if it is a plant) or just use the template with the seed packet (if you changed the template). If you make a new template, when asked if you want to save plant drawing information, click No.


The other type of seedling cultivar, the complex seedling cultivar, is not a seed with a special parameter: it is a whole plant saved for planting just as is. A complex seedling cultivar saves more detailed information and doesn't have to be optimally grown. However, complex seedling cultivars can't be saved to and loaded from text files (in the templates window) because the plant drawing information (on each leaf, stem, etc.) is too complicated to save via text. If you export a complex seedling cultivar as text and then import it again, it will come back as a seed cultivar (even though the name may still say "seedling").

To make a complex seedling cultivar, you must first have a seed cultivar of the type you want to use to create the seedling. Plant a seed of the cultivar you want to use. For an optimally grown seedling, pick up the magic wand (or some other tool that has the grow tool action), choose the grow tool action, and grow the plant until it looks like a seedling (10 or 15 days works well). Or if you don't want an optimally-grown seedling, run the simulation instead of growing the plant magically.

Now open the browser and select the plant, then click the template gif/00000119.gif button. In the small dialog that appears, type a name for the seedling cultivar (such as "Tomato seedling"). Click OK. Now your new seedling cultivar will appear in the list of cultivars when you pick up the seed packet, and you can use it to plant seedlings.

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