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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: How to start a plant from seed again

One of the great things about simulations is that you can do impossible things. You can restart the growth of any plant by making it a seed or seedling again. Reseeding is useful for trying experiments over and over, or for designing a new cultivar.

You can reseed a plant either in the garden window or in the browser. For help on reseeding a plant in the garden window, see the Reseed tool action.

To reseed an individual plant from the browser, first select the plant in the browser (choose Browser from the Window menu on the garden window, then choose the plant from the top drop-down list box in the browser). Show the pictures side of the browser by clicking on the pictures side gif/00000019.gif button. On the browser pictures side, choose drawing from the list of plant display types (in the drop-down list box on the pictures side).

The browser with a plant and drawing display selected

Click the reseed gif/00000117.gif button to reseed the plant. The plant will revert to the state in which it was planted, either as a seed or a seedling. You can undo reseeding the plant by choosing Undo from the Edit menu on the garden window (or by typing Ctrl-Z).

To reseed all the plants in the garden, choose Reseeding from the Options menu on the garden window. The reseeding options window will appear.

The reseeding options window

Check the Reseed all plants now check box, then click OK; all your plants will suddenly be seeds again. You cannot undo this action.

For more details on reseeding all the plants in the garden, see the section on the reseeding options window.

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