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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: How to change the soil base color

A soil patch's base drawing color is the color used by Garden with Insight to draw dry soil with no organic matter in the garden window and in the browser's pictures side. Water content and organic matter make the soil color closer to black (see the description of the soil color display mode for an explanation of the soil color calculation).

To change a soil patch's base color, open the browser and select the soil patch in the object drop-down list box at the top of the browser (or magnify the soil patch using the growcorder or the magnifying glass). In the browser, click the pictures side gif/00000019.gif button to choose the browser's pictures side. On the browser pictures side, choose the Color display from the drop-down list box of soil display types.

The browser pictures side showing soil color

At the bottom of the pictures side, click on the colored square labeled Soil base color (dry, low organic matter soil). In the color dialog that appears, choose a color then click OK. The change will affect the drawing of the soil profile in the browser and also the soil patch in the garden window.

To undo your change, choose Undo from the Edit menu on the garden window.

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