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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: Browser pictures side with plant - drawing

When a plant or cultivar is selected in the browser, the pictures side of the browser is showing, and the display mode of drawing is selected, the browser displays a 3D drawing of the selected plant.

The browser pictures side showing a plant drawing

This 3D drawing is a copy of the drawing in the garden window, a close-up. In the drawing display mode there are several buttons above the plant drawing you can use.

The first set of buttons controls how the plant is drawn. You can turn the plant to the left gif/00000154.gif or to the right gif/00000155.gif, zoom in gif/00000156.gif, zoom out gif/00000157.gif, or center the plant gif/00000029.gif.

At the end of the first set of buttons are two buttons that are useful for designing plants. Click the grow gif/00000033.gif button to magically grow the plant by itself for five days in optimal conditions. Click the reseed gif/00000117.gif button to start the plant over again from a seed. You can undo either of these actions by choosing Undo from the Edit menu on the garden window.

The next group of two buttons controls whether you see the plant from the side gif/00000158.gif or top gif/00000159.gif.

The last two buttons determine what happens when you click on the plant picture. Click on the drag mode gif/00000160.gif button to select drag mode, where you can click on the plant picture and drag the mouse to move the plant around in the window. Click on the harvest mode gif/00000002.gif button to switch to harvest mode, where you can pick fruits, inflorescences, and leaves off the plant.

For information on how the plant parts are modeled, see the model documentation section on plant biomass allocation.

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