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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: Rename tool action

The rename tool action brings up a small dialog that allows you to change the name of any soil patch or plant. To rename a soil patch, pick up a tool that has the rename action (like the glove) and click inside the soil patch. To rename a plant, click at the base of the plant. In the window that appears, type the new name. Click OK to save your changes to the name or Cancel to abandon them.

The program automatically names soil patches and plants when you create them based on the number of soil patches or plants the program has created so far and the name of the soil type or cultivar you used to create the soil patch or plant. For example, if you make a soil patch of the soil type "Keyport, NJ" the new soil patch's name might be "s12: Keyport, NJ." Or if you make a plant of the cultivar "Tomato" the new plant's name might be "p38: Tomato."

If you have been using Garden with Insight for a while and have made many soil patches and plants, the number of soil patches and plants created might get pretty high. You can reset these numbers if you want your soil patch and/or plant names to start over with smaller numbers. See the description of the display options window for details.

When you rename a soil patch or plant, you can only change the part of the name after the colon. The first part must remain the same throughout the life of the soil patch or plant.

To undo renaming, choose Undo from the garden window Edit menu.

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