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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: How to change how often the garden redraws

Redrawing the garden includes redrawing the soil patches and plants in the garden window, updating the browser information (including the 3D drawing of a plant, if showing), and updating the graph window.

Redrawing more often gives you a detailed look at what is going on in the simulation, but makes the simulation run more slowly. Redrawing less often makes the simulation run much more quickly, but gives you less feedback.

You can change how often the garden redraws using the Run menu on the garden window.

Daily redraw is useful for watching a single plant grow in detail; you can watch new leaves appear and grow.

Weekly redraw gives fairly good feedback on your plants through the growing season, somewhat like being a weekend gardener.

Monthly redraw is best for experimenting with different methods, when you are more interested in the outcome than in more detailed growth.

At stop redraw is the fastest option; for whatever length of time you run the simulation, no drawing is done until you stop.

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