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Garden with Insight Known incompatibilities

Logitech mouse cloaking program

Problem: You experience the following while moving the mouse over the running simulation: "Application Error: Not Present Fault in module WIN87EM.DLL" and you have a Logitech mouse.
Workaround: A conflict exists between Garden with Insight and the DOS program CLOAKING.EXE, which loads the Logitech DOS mouse driver LMOUSE.EXE program into extended memory. To disable the cloaking program, type "REM" in front of the line in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file that contains "CLOAKING.EXE", then reboot your machine. You don't need this driver to use your mouse in Windows; you may need this driver or another one to use a Logitech mouse under DOS. Actually this problem is not caused by Garden with Insight but by an incompatibility between mathematical calculations in Delphi (in which Garden with Insight is written) and the CLOAKING program. Hopefully this conflict will be fixed in the future.

Macintosh SoftWindows 2.0 problems

Problem: When trying to run the installation program gwi16090.exe under Macintosh SoftWindows 2.0, you may see the errors "Cannot find DDEML.DLL" and "Cannot find VER.DLL".
Workaround: Copy the gwi16090.exe to the c:/windows/system directory and run it from there.

Problem: A General Protection Fault appears during installation under Macintosh SoftWindows 2.0.
Workaround: Try running the install program again. If that doesn't work, try exiting SoftWindows and the running the install program again. If that doesn't work, get a self-extracting WinZip archive from our web site, which will put the files on your machine. Then you can create the program icons manually in the file manager if you would like to.

Problem: Windows 3.1 crashes and goes to DOS under Macintosh SoftWindows 2.0 when running the simulation.
Workaround: Disable the 487 option. This should fix the problem.

Problem: Sounds and music don't play under SoftWindows 2.0.
Workaround: No workaround at this time. Please let us know if you find one.

ATI Mach 64 problems

Problem: The tools appear to be in very faint bluish squares, rather than floating transparently over the garden.
Workaround: We encountered this problem testing on a Gateway 2000 P5-100XL using Windows 95 and the ATI Mach 64 Tech-enhanced driver version 4.02 (macxw4.drv). Try getting a later version of the ATI Mach 64 drivers, although we are not sure this will fix the problem. We have not seen this problem with either the ATI Mach 32 or any other vendor's graphics card.

Installation problems

Problem: Install program gives a "Could not find file" error and quits.
Workaround: It is possible you did not have enough space on your hard disk to download the file. Check the file size to see that the entire file was downloaded (approximately 1.8 or 1.9 MB). Also make sure you have several megabytes of free hard disk space. If you have sufficient file space, you can either download the file again in case it was corrupted, or try downloading the WinZip self-extracting archive version of the Windows 3.1 product and create the icons manually from the file manager if you would like to.

Problem: The installation program creates an extra temporary directory under your Windows directory and places one file in it, and leaves the file there. The file is used to display the license.txt during installation.
Workaround: After the program is installed you can delete this temporary directory.

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