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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: Acknowledgments

We would like to thank all the individuals who have contributed to the success of the Garden with Insight project. Some of these people are:

---- Jimmy Williams, Verel Benson, Allan Jones, Clarence Richardson, Georgie Mitchell, Jim Kiniry, Dan Taylor, and Debra Spanel at the Blacklands Research Center in Temple, Texas (USDA Agricultural Research Service) for their excellent work with the EPIC, ALMANAC, and other models, and for help, information, and encouragement.
---- J. Ross Wight and Jo Foy (USDA Agricultural Research Service) for their excellent work on the SPUR model, and for help, information, and encouragement.
---- Tom Liao and David Ferguson at the Department of Society and Technology at SUNY Stony Brook for advice and encouragement.
---- Steve Teixeira and others at the Borland Delphi Technical Support hotline.
---- Joanne Labate, Jolinda Fernhout, and Jim and Beverly Folmer for reading versions of the user manual and giving advice on interface design and approach.
---- Sherry Alongi, Francis Batson, Edward Batson, Brayton Batson, Tim Brown, Joanne Labate, Michael Lettau, Daniel Lettau, Sylvia Tiala, and others for valuable user testing.
---- Jack Woelfel for ongoing discussion and advice.
---- Jennifer Morgan for early encouragement and advice.
---- Carol Allen, Stella Andrassy, Cindy Ashy, Buck and Susan Batson, Jim and Kay Beniger, Jake Bowers, Paul Cosenza, Giles Crane, Peter Dalby, Kate Dalton, Vildan Demiraydin, Randy Downer, Rhoda Dygert, Freeman Dyson, John Fehr, Scott Ferson, Susan Ferguson, Paul Flores, Michael Friedman, Lev Ginzburg, Patrick Grimm, Victoria Guthrie, Brenda Hart, Aydin Hayri, Martin Helmke, Bob and MaryAnn Henderson, Becky Hiers, Frank von Hippel, Tony Horsch, Al Johnson, Tim Kautza, Michael Kay, Mary Klinger, Alain Kornhauser, Adelle Kurtz, Harvey Lam, Richard Lund, Roger Martindell, Joe Maurer, Chris McAdams, Tom McIntosh, Herb Mertz, George Miller, Mary Peck, Fred and Barb Roeper, Bill Ross, Bob Royce, Bob Simms, Jean Sinden, Steve Slaby, Larry Slobodkin, Mary Stevens, Ted Taylor, Peter Thompson, Celeste Tito, Dan Titus, Les Tyrrel, Pam Wakefield, Alan Wasserman, Susy Waterman, Dan Wickett, Joan Woelfel, and others for occasional discussion and advice.
---- Our parents (Cyril and Zora Kurtz and Klaas and Maria Fernhout) for support and encouragement.
---- Our beautiful shepherd-collie dog Sage, whom we sadly had to put to sleep after a battle with liver failure on July 15th, 1997. We miss you, Sage.

Please contact Kurtz-Fernhout Software ( directly about any questions relating to Garden with Insight, including questions about its models.

The presence of any person's name here does not consitute their endorsement of this product or of our company.

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