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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: Duplicate tool action

The duplicate tool action makes a copy of a plant or soil patch in the garden window. Duplicating a soil patch also duplicates the plants within it. To duplicate either a plant or a soil patch, pick up a tool that has the duplicate tool action (like the magic wand). The next thing you do depends on whether you want to duplicate a plant or a soil patch.

To duplicate a plant, click at the base of a plant, then drag the new copy of the plant away from it. When you duplicate a plant you can only drag within the same soil patch. If you want to move the new copy of the plant to another soil patch, use the transplant tool action.

To duplicate a soil patch and all the plants within it, click inside the soil patch but not at the base of any of its plants, then drag the new copy of the soil patch away from the original. You may find that the dragging is easier if you temporarily check the Options menu choice Draw plants as symbols; this will make the plants will redraw more quickly.

To undo duplicating a plant or soil patch, choose Undo from the garden window Edit menu.

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