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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: Carry mulch tool action

The carry mulch tool action picks up a quantity of mulch from one soil patch and deposits it in another soil patch. Use this action to move dead plant matter to or from a compost pile, or to move some mulch applied on one soil patch to another soil patch. Carrying mulch in Garden with Insight does not affect plants.

To carry mulch, pick up a tool that has the carry mulch tool action (like the pitchfork), then click inside one soil patch and drag to another soil patch. The tool should appear to be holding some mulch as you are dragging the mouse. If the cursor is not in a soil patch when you release the mouse button, the mulch you carried will be put back where it came from.

To undo carrying mulch, choose Undo from the garden window Edit menu.

How it works: carrying mulch

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