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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: How to label the graph axes

To title the graph axes in the graph window, assuming you have already graphed at least one aspect, first click on the Titles button at the bottom of the graph window. The graph titles and scales window will appear.

The graph titles and scales window

The graph has three titles: the main title, the left axis title, and the right axis title. You can enter any of these titles or leave them blank, and you can let the graph window auto-generate the axis titles. An axis title will only appear if you have at least one aspect on that axis.

By default, the graph window auto-generates the left and right axis titles from the aspects you have graphed and leaves the main title blank. To enter a main title, type in the edit box in the Graph section of the window. To enter a left or right axis title, first uncheck the Auto title checkbox next to the title, then enter a title in the edit box for the axis. To return to auto-generating the axis title, check the Auto title check box.

Click OK to save your changes or Cancel to abandon them. When you return to the graph window, the graph will update to reflect your changes.

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