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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: How to change column size in the list of graphed aspects

In the list box under the graph on the graph window is a list of the graphed aspects. Directly above that list box is a panel called a header, which you use to set column sizes in the list box. The header shows labels for each column. Move the mouse over the header and see that the cursor turns into a left-right double-headed arrow when you move the cursor over the lines that separate the columns. Move the cursor to one of these lines, then click and drag to the left or right. When you release the mouse button, the list box will change its column sizes to match.

Moving a column of the header on the graph window

Note: If you shrink the graph window so that you cannot see some of the columns, you can pull them over by shrinking the columns you can see. This has a limit, however, so it is better not to shrink the graph window too thin unless you don't care to look at all the columns in the list box.

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