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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: How to change a value in a browser component

How you change a value in a browser component depends on what kind of component it is.

For a Boolean (yes/no) component, change the value by clicking on either the yes or the no radio button.

A boolean browser component

For a Simple number component (an integer or real single value, or an array of real values), click on the slider(s) and drag the mouse to the left or right to change the value, or click on the value under the slider(s) and edit the value in the window that appears. For an array component, change which value is listed under the sliders by clicking on another slider, or by pressing the Tab key on the keyboard.

A simple number component with an integer

A simple number component with a real number

A simple number component with an array of real numbers

If a slider has no button, as in this example, you cannot edit the value.

A simple number component whose value cannot be edited

For an S Curve component, which represents an exponential function for which two points are adjusted, click on either of the buttons and drag it around to change the curve. You can also change the x,y values by clicking on the values listed under the graph.

An S curve component

For a Radio button list component, change the selected item on the list by clicking on any other item.

A radio button list component

For a Check box list component, change whether each item is selected by checking or unchecking its check box.

A check box list component

For a Color component, click in the colored rectangle on the right of the component and choose a color from the window that appears, or drag the red, green, and blue sliders to change the color.

A color component

For a 3D object component, click on the name of the 3D object file to choose another 3D object from the 3D object chooser. The characters under the 3D object allow you to see the object more easily. Click the left and right arrow characters to turn the 3D object around to either side. Click the plus and minus characters to zoom in and out. And click and drag in the 3D object area to move the 3D object around in the area.

A 3D object component

For a Harvest item component, click on the harvest icon at the right of the component and choose a harvest item from the Harvest item editor. If there is no harvest icon, click inside the rectangle where the icon would be.

A harvest item component

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