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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: How to change a tool's sounds

To change a tool's actions, first choose Tools from the Edit menu on the garden window to open the tool editor.

The tool editor window

In the tool editor, select the tool you want to change from the tool drop-down list next to the word Tool. Now find the Tool sounds panel under the Tool actions panel.

In the Tool sounds panel are listed all the tool sounds for the tool. You can associate sounds with six sound phases during your use of a tool:

pick up: when you pick up the tool by right-clicking on it

holding: while you are holding the tool (the sound will repeat)

put down: when you put down the tool by right-clicking

starting use: when you press the mouse button while holding the tool

using: while you hold down the mouse button while holding the tool (the sound will repeat)

finishing use: when you release the mouse button while holding the tool

The following two diagrams will help you understand the different sound phases.

When the pick up, holding, and put down sounds are played

When the starting use, using, and finishing use sounds are played

The list box in the Tool sounds panel lists all the possible sound phases. For each sound phase, if the current tool has a sound for that sound phase, the list shows the name of the file the sound originally came from. (Since the sound was imported into the tools file, there may no longer be an actual file on your system with that name.)

To change a sound, click on one of the sound phases in the list box to select it. Then click Import, or right-click on the sound phase in the list box. In the file dialog that appears, choose a sound (.wav) file, then click OK. Note that Garden with Insight can only import wave sound files.

To clear out a sound, click Clear.

To hear any sound, click Play, or double-click the sound phase line in the list box.

To export any sound to a sound file, click Export, type a sound (.wav) file name in the file dialog that appears, then click OK.

Click OK to save your changes, or click Cancel to abandon them.

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