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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: How to use backdrops with a 16-color graphics display

If you are using a 16-color graphics display, the default backdrop bitmap used by Garden with Insight may look strange and spotty. (If you don't know how many colors your graphics display shows, check the manuals that came with your computer system.) To use a backdrop with a 16-color graphics display you must simply choose a 16-color backdrop file. To do this, select Backdrop from the Options menu on the garden window. The backdrop chooser window will appear.

The backdrop chooser window

In the backdrop chooser window, click on the ellipse gif/00000048.gif button, then select a 16-color bitmap (.bmp) file and click OK. The 16-color backdrop files included with Garden with Insight will usually have a 16 in their name (e.g., tutor16.bmp). The 16-color bitmap you chose will appear under the name of the file. Click OK to change the backdrop to the new bitmap you chose, or click Cancel to abandon changing the backdrop.

If you still don't like how the 16-color backdrop looks, make your own backdrop using the Windows Paintbrush program or other paint program, or stop using a backdrop and set the garden's background color to a color you like.

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