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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: How to switch between metric and English units

Units are necessary wherever numbers are found, because a number is meaningless without some idea of what the number means. Would you rather be six feet tall or six inches tall?

In almost every place in Garden with Insight where you see a number, you can choose any of several units by clicking on the unit next to the number. (The only numbers for which you can't change the units are in nutritional information for harvested items.)

Sometimes you might want to change the way all the units are shown instead of clicking on them one at a time. To change all the units from metric to English or vice versa, choose Metric units or English units from the Options menu. You will be asked to confirm the change; click OK.

Confirming a unit system change

All the units in the browser and graph window will change to those of the other system, and all new units that appear will be in the system you chose.

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